Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams heads up our Brand Aura team; a team that specializes in creating Zappos’ unique and quirky persona via events, campaigns and experiences nationwide. Tyler is also the long-time company Fungineer, responsible for such popular internal events as “Boots and Shorts Thursdays” and “Tutu Tuesdays.” Prior to joining the Zappos’ Customer Loyalty Team in 2011, Tyler did everything from production and construction to drumming for a rock band!

Tyler’s presentation around doing good is to show companies that there is a direct ROI associated with investing in your employees, communities, and customers. It focuses on how changing your marketing (or in Zappos case, Brand Aura) purpose to prioritize doing good can increase your employee happiness, community favor, and customer affinity/revenue. You can simply make more money! Tyler shows how “for good” campaigns have directly translated in to the higher lifetime value of a customer, and reduced expenses in employee attrition.