Didi Bethurum

Didi Bethurum is the VP of Marketing of Meow Wolf, a New Mexico-based arts and entertainment collection that has transformed into an award-winning arts production company. Meow Wolf will open its second permanent exhibition in Las Vegas in 2020. Didi has spent eighteen years designing and delivering global enterprise marketing solutions. Prior to Meow Wolf, Didi was the head of marketing at Gogoro, a high-performance electric vehicle company in Asia. She has built digital and influencer marketing campaigns for global brands such as Intel, AT&T, Nintendo, Unilever, and Nestlé, managed marketing for global social impact campaign Girl Rising, and launched dozens of products worldwide during seven years at Microsoft. In her other lives, Didi moonlights as a professional development coach, hikes and bikes across the southwest, and writes fairly terrible songs that will never be performed publicly. She lives in Santa Fe.