Keynote Speaker: CATHY HACKL

Cathy Hackl, Futurist, AR/VR Author and #4 Top Tech Voice on Linkedin.

Futurist, speaker, and author, Cathy Hackl is a globally recognized augmented reality, virtual reality and spatial computing thought leader. She’s the #4 Top Technology Voice on LinkedIn, the highest honor on the platform.

Cathy is currently working on her second book The Augmented Workforce: How AI, AR, and 5G Will Impact Every Dollar You Make, slated to be published in 2020.

She has worked or collaborated with brands like HTC VIVE, Porsche, AT&T, UPS, Adobe, Sony Pictures and more. Hackl has led agencies, brands, and companies in applying Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for marketing and training.

Cathy has been featured in media outlets like Forbes, Barron’s, Salon, VentureBeat, Digiday, Tech Target,, and Mashable. She is a global advisor for VR AR Association and was recognized in 2016 by NBC News as one of the top Latina women working in VR.

Before working in spatial computing and technology, she worked as a communicator at media companies such as CNN, Discovery, and ABC News and was nominated in 2007 for an EMMY Award for her storytelling work. She’s also the creator of the world’s first holographic press release and loves all things spatial computing, artificial intelligence and futurism.
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